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Security Gates And Grilles

Security Grilles and Gates for retail stores, food service counters and other interior access control applications.

Side-folding Grilles and Upward-coiling Grilles Retail security grille

When security is a priority, but you want to maximize air circulation, light infiltration and visual access to interior spaces.

Wide variety of styles, materials and looks. If you know what you want or would like to view specifications click here to go to


  • Panels fold to an average 2" (51 mm) per linear foot of curtain on standard-width models, and an average 1 1/2" (38 mm) per linear foot on wide-body models for superior compactness
  • Minimum clear pocket widths of 8" (203 mm) on standard-width models. Minimum clear pocket widths of 13" (330 mm) on wide-body models require less depth.
  • Low-profile, top-mounted aluminum track requires only 1 5/8" (41 mm) headroom and 1 3/8" (35 mm) width
  • Up to 2" (51 mm) of vertical adjustment allows for easy field correction and accommodates irregular or non-level surfaces
  • Modular construction allows customization to fit any opening width
  • Choice of standard or wide-body panels (selected models) provides alternative stacking pocket depths to suit individual applications
  • Full height, countertop, multi-level, and cut-out styles, as well as irregular wall filler panels, allow adaptation to special applications and unusual designs
  • Four stock curves (90°, 120°, 135° and 150°) with standard 14" (356 mm) radius for standard body and 22" (559 mm) radius for wide-body panels allow unique design capabilities to close odd-shaped openings or follow lease lines
    Additionally available special curves and radii afford limitless design possibilities
  • Both manual and motorized operation

Window and Exterior Expanding Scissor Security Gates

Security gates that remain virtually invisible while not in use — customers will never know they are there.
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Retail Store Window Security Gate
Pedestrial Door Security Gate

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