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Bi-fold Doors

Bi-Fold Doors Fire Station in Minneapolis
Side Folding doors on a Minneapolis Fire Station

Long Life, Low Maintenance

Bi-fold or sometimes called Four-Fold doors are a good choice when side space is available and there is a need for long lasting low maintenance doors. There are no springs to break and jamb the door.


Bifold doors on average open faster than a typical overhead door, often twice as fast. Typical speeds of 24 inches per second compaired with 8 to 12 inches per second for other door styles. Faster operation has several benefits: more throughput, less energy loss and greater security. For large door openings and larger vehicles the faster speed can move more vehicles through the opening. Because the door closes faster there is less opportunity for intrusion and less air loss--an important consideration in Minnesota in the winter.



Four-fold door sizes range from 7’ x 7’ by 24’ x 24’, with larger sizes available
for special applications. Bi fold door parking garage st paul mn

Horizontal Movement

The Four-Fold door moves horizontally rather than vertically. As a result, the door is visible throughout the opening motion. With overhead doors drivers can misjudge the clearence available and drive into the bottom of the door as it is opening. With bifold doors the driver has a better view of the clearence while the door is opening.

And bi-fold doors are tolerent of dents and dings from impact in that the door will still continue to operate.


With regular maintenance Bi-fold doors are designed to perform over 1 million cycles.

Manual OperationIndustrial Bi Fold doors minneapolis mn

Since no springs are required, the Bi-Fold door’s manual operation is quick and easy with the simple pull of a cord.

Save Time.

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industrial Bi fold doors minneapolis mn




Bi Fold Doors Eagan MN Fire Department

Eagan, MN Bi-Fold doors

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